The Early Bird Gets The Link 

We Are Led by the Spirit, Taught by the Word
Jesus did not just give us a book of things to believe and a list of tasks to execute. He called us to follow. To walk with him, interact with him, and live in his power. And anything short of this is not true Christian discipleship.

Politics, Propaganda, and Practicing What We Preach

Let us not only preach the sovereignty of God, but also let us trust in God’s sovereignty ourselves and not lean on our own emotional responses.

When a Presidential Candidate Takes Advice from a Prosperity Preacher

I don’t intend to put words in the mouths of either Paula White or Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, but if I were to imagine what their counsel to Mr. Trump would sound like, based on what I’ve regularly heard from them, it would probably be as follows:

The Spiritual Warfare of Boring Preaching

The devil is a preacher. From the third chapter of the Bible onward, he is opening up God’s word to people, seeking to interpret it, to apply it, to offer an invitation.

John Piper and the Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Harmony and Diversity

No lesson in the pursuit of racial and ethnic diversity and harmony has been more forceful than the lesson that it is easy to get so wounded and so tired that you decide to quit. 


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