The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Growing up the pro-choice abortion argument has went from it’s a fetus not a baby. In “So you want to be a pro-choice Christian? Here’s what you need.” Melissa argues “Therefore, if someone wants to harmonize their Christianity with the pro-choice position, here’s what they absolutely must have:A well-grounded argument that produces 100% certainty that the entity within a pregnant woman’s womb does not have a human soul and thus does not bear the Image of God.” While Terri O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) says “I don’t care “if Science Says Life Starts at Conception, I Still Support Abortion.

Why Race Matters

This way of life is not foreign from how Christ himself operated. He sat and ate with the marginalized of the culture. Jesus was intentional in the proclamation of the Good News across every barrier, class, ethnicity, and gender. What an encouragement for Christians, enabled by the Holy Spirit to follow His example and do the same.

Toward Racial Reconciliation: One Pastor, One Step, One Hope.

For me, that one step was an email, which led to a conversation over a cup of coffee. Our community, and consequently, our church, is monolithic. That means we are very white. Although African-Americans live in our city, most of us, whether white or black, live, work, and play with people who look like we do. As a result, we just do not know one another, and if we do not know each other we sure do not love each other. We may be friendly to people of another color, we just do not have any friends who are of another color.

What Does Cultural Engagement in a Secular Age Look Like?

In the rising wave of evangelicals, one hears the constant refrain of “gospel focus” and “gospel centrality.” Some might dismiss this as just more evangelical faddishness and sloganeering, and perhaps some of it is. But I think the focus on the gospel is tied up with the collapse of the Bible Belt.

The Bible Is Not Boring

If God’s word seems boring, there’s either a problem with the reading or the reader.


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