The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Racism, Stewardship, and Putting on New Clothes

It’s entirely out of context, but I’m often reminded of Shrek telling Donkey, “That’ll do donkey, that’ll do”. I’m reminded of this whenever I see a church do just enough to make it seem like they are engaging their community. Or when I’m tempted to cut a few corners in sermon preparation. And often when I think of my own sanctification. “That’ll do” is the enemy of full on obedience.

Rural and Small Town Ministry
Even before becoming a pastor there was a soft spot in my heart for rural and small town ministry. Having grown up in southern Minnesota both my wife and I have been aware that in these areas it can be difficult to find Christ-centered and gospel believing churches. Where they do exist we should do what we can to maintain them so as not to silence their witness by closing their doors. Jesus always has been and always will be worthy to receive the reward of his suffering. A reward that is, I firmly believe, partly to be found in often overlooked communities.
Let’s Teach Our Kids ‘Beautiful’

It hit me as I watched this wandering, distracted kid, mesmerized by a tiny handheld device, oblivious to the glorious beauty stretching in every direction. Are the things I am consistently putting in front of my children helping them see and enjoy God, or are they blocking the view of him? It’s easy to simply focus on what not to put before them, but forget to show them beauty, or forget to teach them about beauty when they’re exposed to it.

You Don’t Make Jesus Lord

Here is a great sermon by David Platt “Just as the grass is green outside whether or not you believe it, Jesus is Lord—the absolute authority, sovereign ruler, majestic king over your life—whether or not you believe it.” 

Five Ways Churches Can Use Instagram Stories

So what does this mean for churches? Many of your churches already have an Instagram account. Now you have even more opportunities to tell your story to those who follow you online. Here are a few ways to use Instagram Stories at your church.


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