The Early Bird Gets The Link 

John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16
Where does this fear-filled political mania come from? I think it’s important to note that the political dysfunctions (on both the right and the left) share the same functional idolatries — a zeal for power and a conflating of God’s kingdom with our nation. And I also think, since both the traditionalist evangelicals and the “progressive evangelicals” emerged from the same evangelical culture, we can trace the fractious idolatry of each side of the spectrum back to the same center — namely, the evangelical pulpit.

Why Does Sola Scriptura Still Matter?

The principle of sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) was the Reformers’ way of acknowledging that the unstoppable power behind the explosive advance of religious reform was the Spirit-empowered Word of God.

You Have Enough Time to Study the Bible

Among Christians, I suspect busyness is the top excuse for not studying the Bible. It seems we don’t have enough time for God’s word. I’ve made this excuse many times myself.

But we must confront this Biblical truth: We always do what we want to do.
Why Tax-Funded Abortion Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Issue

The two of us see this issue somewhat differently. One of us (Wear) voted twice for Obama and served him in his campaign and White House. One of us (Moore) voted twice against him, and opposed him throughout the administration on questions of abortion. One of us (Wear) saw in some of Obama’s language a goodwill effort to achieve something of a big tent. The other (Moore) sees it as political rhetoric because the central issue is whether a human being can be denied the right to life simply based on his or her age, size and vulnerability. Nonetheless, we agree that a major American party calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment would be a foreboding sign for American civic life.

5 Reasons Christians Neglect Beauty in Theology

It’s no stretch to argue that the evangelical church has largely neglected theological inquiry into the nature of beauty and aesthetics. Most reflection and writing on these subjects come from professionals in philosophy and in the specialized field of aesthetics. Christians are largely on the sidelines. This should not be.


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