The Early Bird Gets The Link

Warm Sunshine And Icy Waves
In the 13th Psalm, David experiences despair, but rather than bottle it in he erupts in anguished prayer to God. And he will end, as I hope we all do, in trust to God and his merciful care for us. Listen as David gives vent to his despair.

How Exaggeration Can Undermine Your Joy in the Gospel

Have you noticed how prevalent exaggeration is in our language? Exaggeration is everywhere from the 4-year-old who says he is “starving to death” 15 minutes after lunch to the fisherman who relays the size of his great catch. We love to round-up. We love the superlatives. As the Lego movie taught us (painfully) “everything is awesome.”

But if everything is awesome then nothing is.

A Candid Conversation on Race, Grace, and the Church

Many talk about the unique history between blacks and whites in our land. In too many churches, however, many brothers and sisters never talk about it, making these subjects gaping holes in our discipleship.

How Did God Guide The Biblical Writers?

Nowhere are God’s methods more obvious than in the writing of Scripture. God could have simply dictated His Word through one man, or maintained a consistent tone and vocabulary across several human authors. Instead, as we’ll see today, He worked through a diverse collection of authors and personalities to deliver His Word to His people, without sacrificing the continuity or character of Scripture.

Demonically Good Theology

It is true. You can say the right thing in the wrong way. I want to point out two implications from the above passage. First, we will look at the craftiness of the Enemy. Second we will discover the need for Holy Spirit led discernment.

A Love Like That

Most Reformed Christians like Charles Hodge. And rightly so. He was a brilliant, faithful, and hugely influential theologian. But do not labor for a theology like his without also working hard for a marriage like his.

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