The Early Bird Gets The Link 

What Can The Church Do To Help Those With Same-Sex Attraction?
Many churches have extensive experience in helping people achieve victory over heterosexual promiscuity, but these same churches and their leaders are usually less adept at offering help to people experiencing homosexual temptation. What do we do when someone confesses to us that he or she feels attracted to the same-sex? The following list is not exhaustive, but provides some good starting points.

How Did God Inspire His Word?

But in order to understand the difference between biblical inspiration and the rather casual way we refer to something or someone as “inspired” today, we need to look closely at what Scripture has to say. Inspiration is tied very closely to another term—“revelation.” Revelation is God’s revealing of Himself and His will. Inspiration is the way in which He did it. To reveal Himself, God used human beings who wrote the Old and New Testaments in order to set down in exact and authoritative words the message that God wanted us to receive.

Expectant Prayer for the Nations

Do our prayers really matter in missions and the spread of the gospel around the globe? 

Seven Things Church Guests Are Telling Us

So we tried something rather radical to find out what gives church guests a good experience. We asked them. The question was very straightforward: “What would you advise churches to do so that guests can have the best experience possible?” Here are their seven top responses:

How Should I Process the Current Tensions and Violence in Our Country?

How can we possibly process everything that’s going on in our world?


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