The Early Bird Gets The Link 

17 Benefits to Reading the Entire Bible
Last year was the first time I had used a pre-made reading schedule (pdf courtesy of Ligonier Ministries), and it was helpful in numerous ways. I’d encourage you to go through the entire Bible for these 17 reasons:

You Are Smart Enough to Study the Bible

We must remind each other that there is no intellectual barrier to the Bible. When Christians come up short in their comparison to others and withdraw from Bible study, they miss a vital connection to Jesus.

Grieving Racial Injustice as Citizens of the Kingdom of God

If the kingdom of God has already arrived via the invasion of Jesus into the present evil age, but exists in tension with the present evil age (Gal. 1:4; 5:21), then those Christians who are citizens of the kingdom should be willing to live in the real world in that tension. We should grieve when questionable shootings take the lives of black, brown, or white men and women. We should grieve when a black, racist sniper snuffs out the lives of innocent white and brown policemen, who faithfully do their jobs. We should grieve when a white terrorist murders 9 black people in church at a Wednesday night bible study. We should grieve when a terrorist assassinates civilians at a gay night club. We should pray for the salvation of the accused, but we should rejoice when these accused and proven offenders are brought to legal and divine justice.

When a Pastor Is Also a Police Officer

Here is an interview with Brandon Murphy is a pastor and deputy sherriff in a large Southern city. He has been in law enforcement for 5 years in a reserve capacity. He holds an M. Div. and a B.A. in religion. Brandon is married with 3 children.

Why Single Is Not the Same as Lonely

Our Western culture has so identified sex and intimacy that in popular thinking the two are virtually identical. We cannot conceive of intimacy occurring without it in some way being sexual. So when we hear how previous generations described friendship in such intimate terms, we roll our eyes and say, “Well they were obviously gay.” Any intimacy, we imagine, must ultimately be sexual.

Lay Aside the Weight of Self-Pity

Self-pity is our sinful, selfish response to something not going the way we think it should. And it’s a subtle sin; we often don’t recognize it right away because it wears the disguise of righteous indignation. We feel justified to indulge it after the injustice we suffered, even if all that happened was we didn’t get our way.


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