The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Dis-ease of the Presidential Race
In all of my frustrations, disappointment, and disbelief, the only thing that I am comfortable with is knowing that this is exactly where God wants me — uncomfortable.

Plumb Line #8: Where Trust Exists, God Moves

Now, I want to be clear: God is not a genie in a bottle that we can manipulate into doing whatever we want. Faith may prompt God to act, but we can’t guarantee that God’s actions will always look how we expect

Making the Most of Your Bible Reading

Here are 8 ways to make the most of your bible reading I hope you’ll find helpful:

Christian Radio is More Theological Than You Think

A Theological Review of 2 Hours of K-Love

Six Simple Ways Churches Can Get the Most from Facebook Live

While Periscope is a great app, Facebook Live’s account ecosystem, ability for later viewing, and additional interaction outside of the live video component makes it a far superior service.

Why We Should All Be Preparing for Marriage

Jesus rejects two myths concerning marriage and singleness 


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