The Early Bird Gets The Link 

We Need to Update the Bible
The Bible as it is currently written flies in the face of such a tolerant and inclusive message. And we can be certain that the real Jesus is just like us and values the things that we value. He would never risk rejecting someone or losing out on a potential worshipper, so we know in reality that he too bows to the gospel of Americana. In order to protect the Bible from embarrassment I propose a few changes.

Josiah and Picking the Wrong Fight

Josiah was perhaps the godliest king that ever ruled Israel. His character and conduct remained unblemished throughout his thirty-one-year reign. You would think he’d be a most unlikely subject in this series on Bad Dads of the Bible. But that’s what makes his story such a powerful cautionary tale—a lifetime of godliness can be brought crashing down by a moment of recklessness.

One Simple Thing that Would Help Your Next Internet Debate

How can you resist posting an article based on Mortimer Adler?

The Home of the Brave

Every true Christian is homeless on earth. All the New Testament writers make this clear. But many Christians living in America have found this reality hard to comprehend. America has essentially considered itself Christian, so Christians have felt at home here.

How We Use the Scriptures in Theological Controversy

So the Lord expects controversy. He expects us to face it and not flee. He expects us to be strong and act like men, and not childishly bluster and bully our way through it. But how does one correct without quarreling? How does one desire mercy without condoning deception? How does one guard the good deposit with tenacious, aggressive, and overbearing…humility?

A Different Kind of Hypocrite

In the Scripture we are motivated to be who we are in reality. The problem with those who’ve actually been born again is not that we just pretend like we’ve been made new but inwardly we are still dead men’s bones. The problem is that we are being hypocrites by living like we haven’t been changed. We are living according to the old man. We are putting on those old smelly clothes instead of walking in the newness of life that has been purchased for us. 


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