The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Heresy and Humility — Lessons from a Current Controversy
As Harold O. J. Brown warned, the gates of hell often come very close to the church. Confusing the questions endangers the church, and no faithful theologian would willingly risk that danger.

Faith’s Concern

Truth be told his faith likely was a bit more in a fairy tale than the living God. After all, faith isn’t the ability to hang onto promises I made up, but it’s the ability to trust in what God has clearly communicated. As Calvin so aptly put it, “we must be reminded that there is a permanent relationship between faith and the Word.” (Insitutes, 548)

10 Things You Should Know about the Lordship of Christ

Jesus is Lord, here is 10 reasons why.

5 Reasons to Study Old Testament History

A good reminder.

Four Anchors in the Crucible of Pain

My life was in need of an anchor, and like never before I felt as though all the anchors of familiarity I had held on to were now wrenched from their footings. Life for me felt very adrift.

In that place, my often repeated plea — “Come, Lord, Jesus!” — became my tutor, bringing me back to Romans 5:1–5, and tightening my grip on four anchors holding me in place in the crucible of pain.

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