The Early Bird Gets The Link

Does Doctrine Matter For Your Worship?
If you do not know the value of certain things then you will not know how to approve that which is vital. And when you consistently do not approve the vital your life will have a tendency to drift away from growth in Christ and not towards him.

How to Fight the Power of Shame

To fight the power of shame, you have to do what is most counterintuitive: talk to someone else about it.

Shooing Flies in the Pulpit

HB Charles shares a funny story with a great application.

White Washed Walls: A Story of Privilege

Do not be fooled; taking this stance will come with sacrifice. It may strain relationships, make you uncomfortable and blot your reputation. Yet the Lord Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

What the Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Means

When we seek to justify ourselves, we end up becoming the very things we protest. And so, the abortion lobby, in the name of women’s “health” and “safety,” finds itself celebrating a legal victory against women’s health and safety. The protections that pro-choice advocates have said for years must be given to women who seek abortions are now obstacles in the way of “choice.”

The Counterintuitive Appeal of Christian Morality in a 21st-Century World

Strangely, many orthodox Christians agree with the schismatics on at least one point. They think Christian views of sexuality and marriage–our morals–are a huge barrier to people in our society today. As a result, they wonder: even if we remain faithful to Christian teaching, should we at least downplay our distinctive moral vision for the world?

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