The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Eli and Passive ParentingThe need to learn and grow in the role of fatherhood never ceases, and Scripture is our richest source of parental wisdom. It offers clear instruction and furnishes us with powerful role models.

And it’s not just the good dads that we can learn from. In fact, the bad dads of the Bible may well teach the most profound lessons of all.
Teaching the Bible to Teenagers

We are called to labor with a vision for launching our teens into God’s world. By God’s grace, they can become men and women who know and cherish God through his word, and who seek to obey him in all things.

Eight Time Drainers of Pastors and Staff (and Seven Solutions)

What if I told you I could help you get 10 or more hours of your week back?

Jesus’ Tears – No. 3

Jesus takes Peter, James and John with him into the garden. He begins to pray and soon his face is marked once more with tears. Why is he weeping? In these tears Jesus displays for us the agony he went through to win our salvation.

Is It Anti-gospel to Teach Kids Self-control Before Conversion?

It is good and well to train children, pre-conversion, in obedience and self-control. If you do this in a way that indicates that successfully resisting a given temptation equates with the highest form of pleasing God, then that’s problematic. In other words, if you train kids that doing right actions saves them, that’s tragic. But it’s also tragic to not raise children to discern right from wrong and to think that they have no ability whatsoever to follow commands.

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