The Early Bird Gets The Link

A Christian Response to Terrorism: An Interview with R.C. Sproul
An interview worth listening to. 

How Pastor J.D. Reads a Book

Haven’t you felt that frustration? You look at one of your books and think, Yeah, I read that a couple years ago, and remember it was pretty interesting. But what was it about, exactly? And what made it interesting? Short of reading the entire book again (which you aren’t eager to do), you don’t have a clear way of recalling the best gems. And it really doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read if you can’t remember what’s in any of them.

Why Politics Can’t Drive the Gospel

The church of Jesus Christ ought to be the last people to fall for hucksters and demagogues. After all, the church bears the Spirit of God, who gifts the Body with discernment and wisdom. But too often we do. We receive celebrities simply because they are “conservative,” without asking what they are conserving. If you are angry with the same people we are, you must be one of us. But it would be a tragedy to get the right president, the right Congress, and the wrong Christ. That’s a very bad trade-off. The gospel makes us strange, but the gospel doesn’t make us actually crazy.

Commitment Killed a Part of Me

As my feelings settled to the bottom of Lake Michigan, I now realize I was actually dying. Do you see? Commitment feels like death because it is death. In order to make a commitment we always lose something. We lose self as we have known it. When two people become one, it only happens through death. We must die to ourselves because we are being fashioned for and to and with each other. We are becoming new, together.

Graduates, What Is God Calling You to Do?

The gift of work is accompanied by the gift to work. Understanding how we are gifted goes hand in hand with understanding our calling, because God often calls people to serve him in places that fit their giftings (1 Corinthians 7:7, 17; Romans 12:4–8).

Let the Stepchildren Come to Me

Father’s Day gives us stepchildren a peek into a fantasy: happier lives, deeper relationships, warmer memories, cherished photographs lining the walls of social media. Families still together, faithful dads, strong dads, healthy dads, dads who didn’t leave, dads who loved their wives enough to keep their families together. We may not have those things. We may have bitterness. Or jealousy. Or loneliness.


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