The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Should Christians in America Fight for the Religious Liberty of Muslims?

Dr. Russell Moore’s speech on religious liberty for the Muslim sent shock waves through Christianity in America, here is another helpful explanation.

 “This discussion of Muslims and religious liberty is not a merely theoretical one for me. The church I pastor, Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, has an aggressive ministry to international students in the Lexington metro area. Most Sundays, we have Muslims in our worship services who are friends of Ashland members.”

The SBC, Race, and A Path to Even More Growth
More reflection from the Souther Baptist Convention and certain historical moments. 

How Christians Can Bear Gospel Witness in an Anxious Age

How should Christians in the United States bear witness in an anxious age? We start by understanding the context in which we live. That begins by understanding the context from which we have come and the ways in which that context has contributed to some of our current anxieties.

How Abortion Makes Us Say Silly Things (Part 1)

First, this blog post is not a political blog post. I am entirely disinterested in discussions of left vs. right and liberal vs. conservative; I do not find my home in either place. This is because Jesus Christ does not fit inside our political boxes any more than he fit inside those of the ancient Jews and Romans. Jesus bursts through every one of our man-defined categories and makes demands on us that are neither conservative nor liberal. They are simply holy.

The Humble Leader

Understanding humility through the life of Moses. 

Glory in Defeat

But can we glory in the goodness of God in these moments, too? Is it possible that even in our team’s heartbreaking loss, we can still taste and see that the Lord is good? Here are five thoughts to help us glory in God when our team loses.  


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