The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Is God Keeping Something from You?
If you feel like God is keeping something back from you, join the club. Every single human being has experienced some mysterious withholding of God. The pages of Scriptures are sprinkled all over with the tears of believers who have cried and pleaded, asking the same question: Why, O Lord, are you holding this back from me?

Love the Church More than its Health

This is an implicit danger for all of us who have learned much from God-given books and conferences and ministries about “healthy churches.” We start loving the idea of a healthy church more than the church God has placed us in.

Ezekiel 37 for the Western Christian

Read this and weep, repent and pray.

What to Do with Unanswered Prayer

Isn’t that something? God has inspired words of complaint and protest to say to him when we are confused and sad, angry and desperate. He gave us words to say into our pillow as we drink our tears. “Here,” he says, “these words will help. Go ahead. I’m not self-conscious.”

The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens was a fascinating figure. Along with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett he ranked as one of the “Four Horsemen” of the New Atheism. With them he popularized a whole new wave of atheism and gave credence to millions who wished to reject any notion of God.

Why We Get Brain Freezes

I have wondered why, now you know.


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