The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The SBC and the Confederate Flag

Yesterday at the SBC convention a motion was passed to repudiate the flying of the Confederate Flag. Dr. Russell Moore wrote about this in Southern Baptists and the Confederate Flag and Denny Burk linked to a video to Dr. Merritt’s resolution proposal

The Rewards of Memorizing a Book of the Bible

I am attempting to memorize the book of Ephesians this year. 

“When that book—from start to finish—becomes “a cathedral you carry around in your mind,” move on to the next book and start again.”

Four Traps That Kill Mission

Are you like a Pharisse, Sadducee, Zealot or an Essene?

How to Go Deeper in Bible Study

John Piper’s letter to a teen about going deeper in Bible Study. 

The Unwelcome Gift of Waiting

As I study Genesis, I see that while Abraham was waiting, God was working. Molding his character. Teaching him patience. Building their friendship. It was in that 25-year wait that Abraham got to know God intimately. It was in those seemingly wasted years that God transformed him. And after decades of waiting, Abraham was ready for the supreme test of his faith, when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac, the son of promise. The son he had waited for.


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