The Early Bird Gets The Link 

New from TGC: Free Album of Resurrection Songs for Seasons of Pain
The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference 2016 is giving away a free album, go download it.

10 Things You Should Know about Apologetics

The importance of apologetics.

Treat Yoself Is Not a Spiritual Discipline

So what happens when ministry gets difficult? What happens when I get exhausted from all the sacrifice? What happens when burn out seems to be on the horizon? For many the answer for burn out is to “treat yoself”. Unplug from the church. Take a break from service and sacrifice. What you really need is a season to focus on yourself.

9 Benefits of Expository Preaching

Worth the read.

Just One Verse

O, Holy Bible! So misjudged by your unadorned cover, your disarmingly plain literary styles, your narrative understatements, and your colossal claims. Yet your words tell a story unparalleled and unrivaled, the greatest epic of all time. And your words, your words! They hold worlds of truth and oceans of meaning! And you have come to us out of the ancient past, through war and flame and deprivation and death. You come to us upon rivers of sacrificial blood, sweat, and tears that we might know what we must know to be forever free (John 8:32).

Four Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel

So if the word of God — the good news of Jesus Christ — inherently possesses the power to increase and multiply through the work of the Holy Spirit, then why is evangelism so difficult? Why don’t we share the gospel more than we do? We need to ask if we are a fresh wind that causes the seed of the good news to spread, or instead, obstacles that keep it from moving further and faster. Unfortunately, many of us are more wall than breeze. But why?


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