The Early Bird Gets The Link

Why Every Christian Should Care About Theology
Don’t settle for cheerleader, chippy kind of Christianity. Know your God, and know him well. “Doxology without theology is idolatry,” says Shai Linne. Celebrate, yes, but know Whom and why you are celebrating.

Before Coming Out: A Gap in the Christian Conversation

The call for the church to speak the truth in love, to be Christ to the world, especially in this area. 

“When should conversations have started with Trey? When he first began to experience SSA. How does that happen? Should Trey have spoken up sooner? Sure. But when churches speak of homosexuality in almost exclusively political and polemical tones (to the exclusion of pastoral and personal tones), do we expect a teenager to have that much courage?”

After Orlando, Can We Still Weep Together?

Our national divisions increasingly make it difficult for us not just to work together, but even to pause and weep together. We become more concerned about protecting ourselves from one another’s political pronouncements than we do with mourning with those who mourn.

The Toxic Lie of ‘Me Before You’

How do you change a cultures view on a topic, music, TV and movies. Here is a great example of how your worldview is being influenced by film.

“So what’s the problem? Me Before You gets profoundly wrong the one thing it desperately wants to get right: the beauty and value of life. Will’s transformation affects his temperament only. Louisa finally receives his affection, but his true love remains his life before the accident.”

What Is Self-Discipline?

Here is a paradox of the Christian life: We must give up the control of self if we would gain self-control. May God enable us to exercise self-discipline, an absolute necessity for victory over sin.

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