Book Review: Who Moved My Pulpit? Leading Change In The Church by Thom Rainer


One thing that is constant in our world is change. Change happens in the automotive world, technological world, financial world, you name it change will hit it. So we should not be surprised when change hits the church world, yet often we are. In Who Moved My Pulpit? Leading Change In The Church, Thom Rainer provides leaders a road map to follow when leading change in the church.


In Who Moved My Pulpit? Thom Rainer provides us with an 8 step process on leading change. Dr. Rainer says “The road map has 8 stages. Though they are not perfectly sequential, there is a sense of orderliness to this process.” The road map is not a “plug and play” or a “quick fix” rather it is “a biblically sound and commonsensical approach to leading change.” This 8 step process is tried and tested and has been used to lead change in many churches. Here is a brief overview,


  1. Stop and Pray
  2. Confront and Communicate a Sense of Urgency
  3. Build an Eager Coalition
  4. Become a Voice and Vision of Hope
  5. Deal With People Issues
  6. Move From an Inward Focus to an Outward Focus
  7. Pick Low Hanging Fruit
  8. Implement and Consolidate Change.


Dr. Rainer devotes a chapter to each stage. This book is filled to the brim with practical advice on leading change in your church, along with examples to help you visualize the 8 stage process in action. Dr. Rainer doesn’t bore you with process and procedures, but in his fast paced style of writing imparts knowledge and experience to the leader in an dynamic and understandable way. Included in the book is a Change Readiness Inventory which is helpful.Every leader should have a book like Who Moved My Pulpit? in their library.


With this being SBC Convention week the first to comment on this post will get a free copy of Who Moved My Pulpit?

Until Next Time

Soli Deo Gloria


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