The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Fear and Faith by Trillia Newbill is only .99 for kindle. 

Why You Should Be Praying the Psalms
I believe that the most simple, permanent, and biblical solution to this almost universal problem is to stop making up your own prayers most of the time—because that results in repetitious prayer—and to pray the Bible instead.

2016 West Coast Conference: Audio and Video Now Available

There is always something good, I am looking forward to listening to the preconference: Digital Disciples

Does Carrying Signs Really Save Babies?

What about the people holding up signs outside of abortion clinics? The signs read “Babies Are Murdered Here.” While you likely agree with the words on the signs as you drive by the people holding them, perhaps they make you feel uncomfortable. “Is this the best way to stop abortion?” “Does it actually work? And even if it does, is there not perhaps a more efficient way to use our time, talents, and treasures to save babies?”

Born This Way

As Christians, how do we respond? This question is crucial. And for many of us it is not abstract, but personally painful. For not only do we live daily engaged in a war of resistance against our own sexual brokenness, but people very precious to us have anguished and struggled over disordered sexual orientations and desires and, not seeing change, have embraced this manifesto. And in our biblical convictions they often hear an unloving rejection of who they believe they are as persons. What do we say to them?

You Are Not Your Sexuality 

This is worth listening to. 


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