The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Jennifer Knapp, Trey Pearson, and the Cross We Bear
This fits perfectly within the narrative of our culture. But it does not fit with Scripture. This idea of “accepting myself” runs absolutely counter to Jesus’ call to deny ourselves. Where in Scripture are we told that the Christian life is about “finding ourselves” or “accepting ourselves”? It is the exact opposite. Paul’s ambition was to be found in Christ. Jesus’ call was to crucify ourselves.

Pastoral Ministry is About Souls, Not Stats

But in the attractional church, growth in numbers is often seen not just as a measure of success but as a justification for any methodology used to get them. Numbers become not just a metric to track growth but a badge of honor and a demand for validation. It is not uncommon to see the leaders of attractional churches tallying each week in public venues the number of “decisions” that were made.

What’s Next in Church Technology?

So here are seven technological advances churches should watch for in the future

How and Why to Hold a Weekly Marriage Meeting

We don’t do this every week but life is better when my wife and I do have a marriage meeting.

Why Are So Many Christians Bored with the Bible?

Unfortunately, many Christians love the idea of the Bible, but not really the Bible itself. We love having a Bible close by, even within reach, but don’t make time to open it on an average day. We talk about Bible reading like we talk about cutting calories or cleaning our house. We’re grateful for the results, but we don’t wake up dying to do it again. It sounds like a fine thing to do, until we have to choose what we won’t do in order to make time for it.


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