The Early Bird Gets The Link

Playing Video Games and Finding Community
Technology may change, but people essentially don’t. We use technology to change the way we communicate, but not our need for community and connection.

Trump’s Challenge to Evangelical Values and Racism

There is a tug of war for the conscience and conviction of evangelicals. It’s not the first time, and will not be the last.

Seven Things Google Tells Us About Evangelism in the United States

Please look at it carefully. It is a chart of Google searches on the term “evangelism” in the United States from 2004 to the present.

As Google tells us, this type of information indicates where our interests lie.
We are not very interested in evangelism. Do we really care about the eternity of others?
When Your Political Ideology Turns On You

In the past year, several colleges and universities have been embroiled in controversy – Yale, Emory, Claremont McKenna, Ithaca, Harvard, and Bowdoin. In most cases, the activists and their opponents all share the same worldview. They are multicultural, educated, and liberal in their politics. But they are caught between the ideal of free expression and the reality of identity politics.


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