The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Justification and the Teen Identity Crisis
In an anonymous teen survey I conducted in 2015, approximately three fourths of the respondents indicated they struggled with comparison. While this doesn’t necessarily lead to an eating disorder, or even body image issues, it was clear most teens wrestle with insecurity and inadequacy. They want to know they are accepted and loved; that they matter. But instead of finding their worth in Christ, they turn to false sources that will never satisfy and always leave them empty and craving for something more. 

4 Reasons Your Kids Should Sit with You on Sunday

Here is a good argument to have your children sit with you in church. 

Politics Ought #NeverTrump Principle

I know, I know. That latter option likely has some of you clutching your pearls and thinking of the children. But I don’t care about your pearls. Our children, on the other hand . . . well, they’d be better served by not having to hear that their moms and dads once chose an evil because it had the right letter after its name. If the ship sinks, voters, it won’t be my fault and it won’t be the fault of anybody who votes neither Trump nor Clinton. It will be the fault of all those who vote for either one of these two (no matter which one of them wins). It’s your fault for putting power over principles over and over again and then insisting we all play along and then chastising us when we don’t.

Math: Christian Songwriters Love ‘Grace’ But Often Ignore ‘Sin’ and ‘Judgment’

FiveThirtyEight does a survey of Christian Contemporary Music to track themes, what do they find?

God’s Role in Your Integrity

But is that something we can do on our own? Are righteousness, integrity, and godly living simply matters of wanting it enough and trying hard?

The Weeds of Sin and the Fruit of the Spirit

Here is a thoughtful post on the fruit of the Spirit and their corresponding weeds. 


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