The Early Bird Gets The Link 

5 Reasons to Read Missionary Biographies to Your Children
Stories speak volumes to kids, I know my kids loved hearing about missionaries.

What is the Ambition of Your Life?

The “ideal life” has killed what ought to be the true ambition of every believer in Jesus Christ. In the United States, this looks something like the American Dream. When the drive to achieve becomes the reason for existence in the life of a Christian, the ambition to which Scripture calls us is lost, but not unrecoverable.

Most Common Mistakes Pastors and Church Leaders Make on Social Media

I would also advise Christians to be wise concerning their use of social media. 

How to Keep Your House Cool (Without Cranking the A/C)

Here is some ideas on how to stay cool during the dog days of summer. 

How to Be a Woman Who Waits Well

Howard does a wonderful job addressing two sides of the waiting coin. Be content in Christ while waiting? Yes! Persistently ask and cultivate your longings at the foot of Christ? Yes!

Died: Robertson McQuilkin, College President Praised for Alzheimer’s Resignation

Many have probably never heard of Robertson McQuilkin, but he is a hero in my book, here is why.

Faithfulness and Fruitlessness in Ministry?

How would you encourage a faithful brother who had been pastoring for several years and has not, in that season, seen a conversion directly from his preaching, though the church is growing and health with saints being built up and believers joining the church?”


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