The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Pro-Life from Womb to Tomb
When you consider the sun, and the moon, and the stars of the universe, and the galaxies and all of the mindblowing aspects of creation, and then hear God say that human life is the pinnacle of all of that, that should be enough for any believer to want to see human life treated with the value and the dignity that it should be.”

Why Abortion Makes Sense

Dehumanizing your enemies isn’t the only way to justify a killing. You can also harden your conscience. Yes, that is a human person I am killing. So be it.

Seven Ways to Improve Your Preaching

seven practical ways we can improve our preaching. And please note: I deliberately use the words “we” and “our,” because I’m thinking of my sermons as much as anyone’s. These suggestions are things I continue to work on as a preacher, sometimes with success and often with less progress than I would like.

When Does Cultural Insanity Hit the Breaking Point?

People have basically decoupled themselves from reality. We have seen it in the transgender issue where people not only wish to believe their desire is enough to change the reality of their biology; they demand that everyone else reinforce their desire. 

The changing face of Bible translation

Interesting article on how technology is changing Bible translation.

How Our Sex Life Manifests Our Soul Health

Our greatest problems in life are not ignorance problems, they are preference problems, and that means our greatest need is not merely new information, our greatest need is being given new preferences, new desires, new loves, as John Piper explained from Romans chapter one, in a 2015 sermon. Here’s how he explained it.

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