The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Voting for Donald Trump Is Not the Only Conservative Option
Specifically, we need leaders who will not oppose liberals merely for the sake of signaling their opposition. They must oppose what is unjust and wrong while supporting the true and good, regardless of party. They must be committed to principled pluralism, creating space in the public square for secular and religious citizens to flourish with the minimum of conflicts. In other words, rather than see the cultural war as a battle, they should see it as a negotiation that’s trying to answer the question, “How may we live at peace?”

Five Stages of a Pastor’s Ministry

Pastoral tenure matters. It is far too short in many churches. I do think it is critical for us to understand tenure, because the health of the church is directly impacted by it. 

When God Lays Down His Bow

The Hebrew word for bow in this text is the same Hebrew word used for the kind of bow one uses in battle, as in “bow and arrows.” What God is talking about is laying down his weapons. 

Combatting Spiritual Hypocrisy

Those two simple verses highlight the balance every believer needs to strike in their lives to avoid hypocrisy and live a life of integrity. Godly living is our responsibility, but it’s one we cannot fulfill through our own strength alone. The Holy Spirit must be at work in us if we’re going to achieve anything more than pharisaical external piety.

Four Ways the Gospel Unites Us in Our Differences – Conventional Futures

This side of heaven, we will have differences. We will have disagreements. But because of the gospel, those differences and disagreements don’t have to define us. There is one race, the human race; one problem, sin; one savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; one commission, to “go and tell;” and one hope, the resurrection. Our unity in that should be greater than anything that separates us.

The Church’s Egypt Moment

And so we hold to the promises but don’t trust the Promise Maker. Believing that God intends to bless us, we offer him our help by crossing lines that should never be crossed. In order to see the church grow like Jesus promised, we compromise every doctrine that offends. We spend precious resources pursuing the holy grail of backsides in pews rather than simple faithfulness.

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