The Early Bird Gets The Link

You Don’t Have to Know God’s Will
But over the decades I’ve followed him, Jesus has made something very clear to me in the Scriptures, the lives of eminent saints, and my own stumbling experience: living in the will of God is more about knowing and trusting his specific promises than receiving specific direction.

Memorial Day in the twilight of a great republic

Sobering thoughts by Denny Burk. “A Christian citizen’s duty is not to predict the secret movements of providence but to pledge himself to the welfare of the nation (Jeremiah 29:7). For us, it means first and foremost Great Commission witness at home and abroad. But it also means that we understand that “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).”

How to Ditch Your Plan When You Feel God is Leading in A Different Direction

Things to consider when changing your prepared sermon. 

The Bible is Unbreakable

I remember as a non-Christian myself attempting to “break it” only to find it breaking me. What a glorious book! I thought I was reading it but again it was reading me. I began in judgment of it only to find it was judging me. But even more than that, it provided me the truth that there is a means of rescue from non other than the God whom I feared. What a peerless book indeed!

Beware the Busyness of Summer Break

But my prayer is that a busy summer would not crowd out our intimacy with Christ and his church. How can we avoid a spiritual regression in the summer months? Here are two suggestions to make this summer a time to dive deeply in the word, in prayer, and with our church family.

10 Ways to Grow Your Marriage While Having Young Kids

Life gets busy when you have young kids. Growing your marriage must be a priority, here are some thoughts on how to grow your marriage. 


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