The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Here are some Kindle deals. 

Be Faithful by Warren Wiersbe is 1.99. A couple of works by John Owen The Holy Spirit is .99 and Spiritual Mindedness is 2.99.

No Small Breaches: John MacArthur on Defending and Rebuilding Integrity

9 Practical and Ordinary Ways to Grow in Grace

As I read through this list there isn’t anything that jumps out at me. This is simple ordinary Christian living. No secret keys to growing in Christ just simple plodding along type of disciplines.

What Does the Gospel Teach Us About War?

We should, though, use this national holiday to reflect as Christians on what the gospel teaches us about war. 

4 Ways to Make Disciples

What is discipling in addition to helping others follow Jesus? It’s doing them spiritual good. Specifically, it’s initiating a relationship in which you teach, correct, model, and love. Needless to say, it takes great humility.

Know When to Walk Away

Like most of you, I cannot go offline completely, or escape my laptop or texts or daily emails, but I can digitally detox and pull off a two-week fast from social media. Two weeks seems about right, and if this sounds like an eternity of impossibility to you, as though some part of your inner life would die from malnourishment, then a digital detox is already long overdue.

Childlike Faith Is Not Childish

But childlike faith is not childish faith. The first resonates with and embraces the neediness, dependency, and smallness of those who understand their place in the kingdom of God. The second simply refuses to grow up.


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