The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Preaching Like Jesus to the LGBT Community 

Unexpected Joys

I had taken a class that was meant to aid me in my study of God’s word and turned it into an idol on the road to ministry. When I thought I had failed and the idol had been smashed I finally had peace.

Joyful Burdens in Mono-Ethnic Churches

This article is worth the read. 

“There are many red and yellow, black and white, rich and poor, national and international Christians in many churches who have chosen to become ethnic minorities in predominately mono-ethnic churches in order to help these churches build healthy, multi-ethnic churches.”

How Urban Christians Failed President Obama

This steadfast sense of loyalty held by urban Christians forms a protective shield around our leaders. It’s dependable, almost unconditional. Our loyalty stabilizes our leaders and offers assurance in a country that has stripped much of their dignity, and too often their lives. But it can also stifle accountability, making them more susceptible to their own faults.

Ecclesiastical Antinomianism

The heart of ecclesiastical Antinomianism is that people act as though the Scriptures have nothing to say about church government or about the responsibility of men, women, boys and girls in the church to submit to the authority of the pastor(s)/elders. 

Four Reasons Why We Leave

I left in July, 2015. I now live and minister in secularized and post-Christian Europe. No one made me leave, but I became a leaver through prayer. Be warned: If you’re not prepared to leave and live overseas, don’t start praying for the nations. If you do, you might find yourself leaving, too, and sooner rather than later. I can tell you we have experienced incredible joy living in the goodness of God’s plan, by his gift of faith and courage.


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