The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Teaching Our Children God-Honoring Sexuality
The reality is that you and I are surrounded by sexual content and so are our children. The question is not if they will encounter sexual content, but when and how we as parents can ensure it is in a healthy God-honoring way. Either we take on the responsibility of guiding our children through understanding sexuality rightly, or take the risk of having an older sibling, teenage neighbor, or some explicit website assume the role for us.

Adding Friends in the Faith

One day, I looked at the contact list in my phone. I was discouraged to find I literally had no white Christian friends. I had phone numbers from acquaintances and emails from people I knew years ago, but no friends who were white believers. As a matter of fact, I had no solid relationships with any other ethnicities than mine.

Meet the New Apocalypse (Same As the Old One)

Here is a solid review with some spoilers.

When Grace Hurts the Church

I long for the members of the church I serve to feel their need for Christ, too. I want them to understand that no work on their part—no decision, no prayer, no walk down the aisle—was the decisive factor in their salvation. God did it, and he did it all! I’m convinced their Christian life will be richer, deeper, and healthier when they grasp that God gets 100 percent of the credit for their salvation.

Why Doesn’t God Still Speak Audibly?

Why doesn’t God show himself like that anymore? Why does he seem invisible after revealing himself so visibly and tangibly in the Old Testament? Does this mean following him then was concrete (“leave your land”) but following him now is spiritual and psychological (“read your Bible and pray”)? Indeed, many suppose that if God revealed himself today as he did in the Old Testament, it would be more assuring to Christians and might convince the outside world.

The Goal of Missions May Not Be What You Think

This paragraph profoundly changed what I viewed as the goal of missions. Previously I’d assumed the goal of missions is the practice of missions: evangelism, church planting, and so on. But Piper pointed me to something bigger: the goal of missions is nothing less than the worship of God.


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