The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Submission Is a Mark of Maturity
How we respond to difficult decisions made by the leadership over us is a test of Christian maturity. We can choose to humbly submit or make a respectful appeal, or we can choose to grumble, gossip, and slander the very leaders God has sovereignly placed in our lives.

Why I’m No Longer a United Methodist

A persons journey to find the Methodism of old.

Evil Looks Like You

So what does evil look like?

I think it looks like you and me.
Getting to the Heart of Atonement

Bill Mounce looks at the word atonement.

Did John Calvin Burn Michael Servetus at The Stake?

Church history question: Did John Calvin murder people? More specifically, did he have Michael Servetus burned at the stake?

Pass The Mic: Black Panther And The Longing For A Hero King

More and more I am becoming a podcast guy. This episode of pass the mic is worth listening to, especially if you enjoyed Black Panther in civil war. 


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