The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Bible Belt: Ministry in the Land of the Over-Churched and Under-Reached
the average person in the South still loves to sing “God Bless America.” This god, however, acts more like a sentimental mascot or a good luck charm. I refer to this Bible Belt culture as the land of the over-churched and the under-reached. In a place where many are Christians by culture rather than conviction, pastors and local churches face serious challenges. People in this land have been “immunized” from the true faith by a dead version of Christianity.

Women Teaching Men — How Far Is Too Far?

A woman answers this question, she has some good insights. “So a woman who only considers the boundary and asks, “How far is too far?” is really asking the wrong question. A better question would be, “Do I love what God loves?” “Do I treasure what he treasures?”

Luther, God’s Law and Uncle Rico Syndrome

Any article which effectively uses a Napoleon Dynamite illustration needs to be read. 

The Importance of Integrity 

Immigration, the Gospel, and Southern Baptists in a Nation in Turmoil

A challenge issued “What if the current context of controversy and fear is exactly what God has allowed for Southern Baptists to love and minister to immigrants and refugees in ways that will cause us to shine like stars in a world full of fear and anger?”

How to Evangelize Professing Believers

What, then, are we to do when our lives regularly intersect with those who claim to be for Christ and yet whose lives plainly don’t bear the fruit?

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