The Early Bird Gets The Link 

How Can Homosexuality Be Wrong Id It’s Not Hurting Anyone?

Nine Things That Have Replaced Traditional Outreach in Churches

This is interesting, if you are into outreach and church trends, check it out. 

8 Reasons To Preach Through Books of the Bible

I have sat under both topical and expositional preaching. I enjoy both, but when preaching expositionally or sitting under expositional preaching, I am challenged and grow more. 

“To preach with the times is to go where all times go. Now, sermons ought to be applicable and relevant to the Christian’s daily life and the world we live in. But the great thing about the Scriptures is that they are remarkably applicable and relevant to the world we live in without our help!”

90 Years Ago Today—The Mysterious Disappearance of the Preacher Aimee Semple McPherson: An Interview with Matthew Avery Sutton

Interesting read, she has influenced so many in the Pentecostal/Charismatics sphere. Hewing in Pentecostal circles, I have heard of her ministry but never heard this story. Worth the read. 

A one-legged man trapped inside a two-legged man’s body. Amputate?

But these kinds of things are exactly the kinds of conundrums a person faces if he accepts the notion that psychological identity trumps bodily identity. I’m not convinced that people have thought through the implications of embracing such a view. That is precisely why we need to be critical about the claims of the transgender movement. Yes, we need to be compassionate towards those who experience deep conflict between their psychological identity and their body. The church would do well to come alongside them to support them and love them.

18 Things to Pray for Your Church

When praying for your church, this is a good list to pray. 


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