The Early Bird Gets The Link 

When Our Conduct Contradicts Our Confession
A great theological mind becomes demonic when the life habitually contradicts what the mind confesses. Knowledge alone, while extremely important, is insufficient evidence of whether or not we’re walking in maturity. It is not enough to simply know things about God — we need to know God.

What does the Bible teach about homosexual desire and identity?

I have been listening to this podcast series, excellent work.

Classism, Racism, and the Sin of Partiality

When we refuse to fellowship with people of a different race or when we balk when our sons or daughters date people outside of our race or when we attribute negative character traits to entire people groups—we are committing the sin of partiality.

Will You Use Target’s Transgender Bathroom?

On Ask Pastor John, John Piper was asked this question. Here is his answer. 


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