The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Should I Tell My Spouse about Struggles with Sexual Purity?
Very good question with some guiding principles for your marriage, take a look. 

Singing Songs from Questionable Sources

There is much to chew on here. Worship leaders, Pastor’s and congregants should read this.

State GOP conventions sell their souls to destroy #NeverTrump

This is not to say that Clinton’s pro-abortion, religious-liberty-wrecking candidacy would be good for America. It won’t be. But there is no evidence that Trump would be any better on the abortion issue, on judges, or on religious liberty. You do have evidence that Trump is a pathologically lying authoritarian lecher who has no respect for the Constitution and who has no problem inciting his followers to violence.

What’s Systematic Theology and Why Bother?

Even if you haven’t written a systematic theology—or even if you don’t consider yourself a theologian—you’re still doing systematic theology in some sense. Everyone has beliefs about who God is, who Jesus is, what salvation is, and how we should live as Christians. We’re all synthesizing those beliefs together.

2 Audacious Demands We Are to Make of God

Any man who seeks God’s calling should pray the way Moses prayed. We should ask God to give us intimate knowledge of him. The things we do will be successful only if God is in them. Whenever we do something that God has called us to do—whether it is serving in our singleness, learning how to be married, working at a job, or getting involved in ministry—we need to pray that God will show us his way to go about things.

Do Not Put Your Trust in Presidential Candidates

Elections are important, Christ and the Gospel are more important. Let’s put our trust in what really matters and keep the election in proper perspective. “Now is not the time to despair. And now is not the time to attack one another. Now is the time to be salt and light. And the light shines brightest in the darkness.”

Motherhood is a Glorious Mission but a Horrible Idol

When motherhood becomes the center of a woman’s life and identity, rather than Christ, a blessing easily turns into a burden. A path of joy turns into a path of despair. The attempt to quantify why your life matters by your performance as a mother will produce frustration and inevitable discontentment. To put it another way, motherhood is a glorious mission but a horrible idol.


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