The Early Bird Gets The Link

Pray your week has been filled with grace and peace. There are some helpful and equipping reads. Lord help us. 

Real Men Love Strong Women
We live in a time when women are outperforming men in many areas of professional and personal competency. And men have two choices: to find female strength captivatingly attractive, or to be insecure and intimidated. Real men love strong women, because God’s glory is beautiful, and “woman is the glory of man” (1 Corinthians 11:7).

Born to Die

This story begs a question we do well to consider: Why? Why did the Ten Booms do what they did? After all, they were not the target of the ongoing Nazi persecution. They were Dutch, not Jewish. Why would they choose to live with such risks?

The Moral Revolutionaries Present Their Demands: Unconditional Surrender

We now see that this was the road not taken. Instead, opponents of the moral revolution are to be treated with scorn, contempt, and worse. The terms of moral surrender have been delivered to us, and they are absolute and unconditional. Just ask Japan and Germany what that means.

Balm for the Weary Soul

I think what Paul says here can provide comfort to anyone. Not just us pastors. But as a pastor I’m really finding nourishment from this. I pray that this little reflection will nourish another weary soul as it has mine.

15 Discernment Diagnostics

Which leads to the question: what is false teaching and how do we spot it?

Obviously, there is no foolproof scheme for identifying false teaching. Biblical discernment takes years of prayer, preaching, and practice. But there are certain questions that may be help us sift the good from the bad. Here are 15 discernment diagnostic questions I suggested to my congregation.
From Agender to Ze: A Glossary for the Gender Identity Revolution

Although terms like “transgender” and “gender identity” are increasingly used in the public square, many Christians are still unaware of what they mean or how broad the scope in which they are being used. To help provide some clarification and context, I’ve provided definitions for 31 terms commonly used by the gender identity movement. This list is not exhaustive (Facebook allows you to choose from over 70 gender options) but it should help you better understand the linguistic radicalness of the gender identity revolution:


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