The Early Bird Gets The Link

Jesus Died For Your Depression Too
While it’s all too easy to turn Jesus into a therapist with squared glasses and a clipboard, I think we often overcorrect and shy away from talking about the depth of his embrace. Jesus died for your depression, too. Here are three maxims to help you keep your heart in check during the storm.

Say Hard Things

Sometimes the most loving thing someone can do for us is point out an error or inconsistency in the way we think or live. The reality that we have remaining sin still inside of us means that we will be wrong. And it means we will inevitably be blind to some of the ways we are wrong. Therefore, God often gives us the perspective we desperately need on ourselves through someone else’s eyes, heart, and words

Why the Church Should Care About the College Campus

Consider that the 18-23 year olds who roam our campuses are our next generation of leaders around the world in education, government, art, business, nonprofits, film, culture and more. They will shape the worldview of our culture, our churches, and the children who will lead America into the second half of the 21st century. They are the attitude-shapers of how Christianity will be viewed in America in the near future.

Ten Things I Learned at Church on Sunday

As I was reflecting on this past Lord’s Day I was struck by a number of things that were particularly encouraging to me. God met us as a church in the ordinary and showed us his extraordinary faithfulness, grace, beauty, and power. I compiled 10 quick observations about what impacted me this weekend alone (I am shortening my list from where it could truly be).

Ten Things You Should Know about Generation Z

We have much to learn about this young generation, but we have learned much already. Church leaders, particularly, need to keep an eye on this generation. There are some fascinating trends taking place.


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