The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope your week is off to a good start. It is only May and I am already tired of the 2016 election, are you? Even though this 2016 election is a roller coaster ride, let’s remember to keep it on the forefront of our prayers. Regardless who is elected, the Lord is the one who allows leaders to rise and fall. With that said, here are some good reads for your Tuesday. 

Four Self-Refuting Statements Heard on College Campuses Across America
There are times when our words collapse under their own weight. As I train university aged Christians around the country and listen carefully to their common college experiences, I’ve started to collect some of the more popular self-refuting statements uttered by college professors. Here are the top four:
Trump-splaining Evangelicalism

There comes a point when you just can’t vote for the lesser of two evils. I think we have reached it. 

“I think this is a more revealing moment than some realize. It would be one thing for Trump to disagree with Moore. That would be totally fine and appropriate. But Trump does more than that here. Trump criticizes Moore not for bad views but for being a bad evangelical!”

4 Recommendations for Motivating Missions

4 simple and easy ways to keep missions at the forefront of the church. 

When You Don’t Love Your Job

These lenses—heart, community, and world—often overlap and can cause confusion when processing our issues with work. For example, an idol of approval or achievement (heart) can make a seemingly small problem to solve (world), like fixing a toilet, seem insignificant and pointless—even though it’s vitally important to the family with the broken toilet! In this case, the work itself is glorious and generous, but the broken heart doesn’t process it that way. The solution, then, isn’t to switch jobs but to heal the sick heart.

5 Questions To Ask of a Book Before You Read It

Can you tell me anything about this author? Have you heard of this book? Is it safe to read? Sometimes people ask to avoid wasting time or money on a book that would not be worth either one, and sometimes they ask to avoid the influence of false doctrine. Since I can’t answer all the questions, and since I can’t know all the books and authors, I’ll offer a few tips on sorting it all out and do so in the form of 5 questions you can ask of any book.

No Pow’r of Hell, No Scheme of Man

Great hymns have the ability to unite the family of God, throughout history and around the world, in the truths about God that matter most. But when voices from within the church begin to question or deny what the church holds most dear, great hymns become flashpoints of controversy.

Such is the case with “In Christ Alone.” 


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