The Early Bird Gets The Link

This week has been an interesting, one of those weeks you take a look around, and praise God he is still on His throne doing as He pleases. A week which reminds us we need to display our dependence on God through prayer and continue to stand on the truth of His Word. Here are some good reads for you.

10 Things You Should Know about Youth Ministry

Number 3 is a good one. Too often we underestimate what teens can grasp and are willing to hear.

The Bible’s Biggest Understatement: “Behold, It Was Leah!”

Everyone in the world is on a search for something—or someone—to make them whole again. Jacob is looking for his “one, true love,” and he thinks Rachel fits the bill. (Rachel and Leah, incidentally, are on their own search.) Jacob’s experience is our experience: we reach out to take hold of the “Rachel” that is going to make everything right…but in the morning we wake up and it’s only “Leah.” Every time we start a new job, or get into a new relationship, we think, “This is it! Finally my life will be right. This is Rachel!” It’s that Jerry Maguire moment: you complete me.

5 Reasons Church Leaders Should Pay Attention to Christian Hip-Hop

Some good insights here. “In some ways, many American churches are in the same situation with their surrounding neighborhoods. The church is using one language to speak and sing about Jesus, while the culture either doesn’t understand or ignores it completely.

Christians can bemoan those changes and wish culture still talked like us, or we can do something about it. Right now, one of the most dominant cultural influences on young adults and teenagers is hip-hop music.”
The Wisdom of God in the Frustration of Man

So let us not be quick to get angry over our frustrations. The God who presided over the confusion in Shinar presides over our Babel moments, large and small. And for all of us who love him, he promises to turn them for our ultimate good (Romans 8:28).

The Eternal Importance of Exercising Self-Control

This article is filled with many gems, here is one. “Why Self-Control Is Important We display our God and his gospel when we are self-controlled.”


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