The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope your weekend was blessed. We are in the final hours of the Unashamed book give away.  Book review will be available tomorrow. Here are some good reads for today. 

How the Gospel Frees Us To Risk

It was, then, Jesus’ refusal to jump that was courageous. As the Spirit of Christ forms the kingdom, and clears away the strongholds, in your life, you’ll find yourself drawn toward courage over against fearful self-protection as well.

The Modern Man and His Fantasy World

When you put these three together there is a common theme of living in a fantasy world. Pastors and church leaders attempt to encourage men to serve in the church, study God’s word, evangelize their neighbors, and step up and lead in the church. However, often times, upon pressing upon the heart, we find that men are reluctant and stagnant in their Christianity because they are thriving in a fantasy world.

The Key to a Strong Marriage

Christians are called to be experts in repentance. We may not always feel that way; some of us, relatively young in our marriages, are working on establishing good rhythms, and training ourselves to take the good path. But this is a crucial part of what distinguishes us as a people. We have seen by God’s grace that we are wrong and that God is right. The cross of Christ is a summons to this confession, and the means by which we are made right. But being cleansed by the blood of Jesus does not free us to to live as super-people deluded by our infallibility. 

Twelve Weird Items in Church Bylaws

Sometimes reading a church’s bylaws is like taking a trip to the twilight zone.

Five Awkward Conversations Every Teen Needs to Have with Their Parents

Awkwardness is something we humans love to avoid. Nobody likes how it makes us feel. But for Christ-following teenagers and parents, awkwardness is an inescapable part of learning. Jesus himself could be called the master of awkward conversations. He modeled the reality that hard conversations are necessary for the sake of gospel growth. His young disciples in first-century Palestine learned this, and his young disciples in modern-day America need to learn it, too.


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