The Early Bird Gets The Link

Pray your week has been full of grace as mine has. The Together For The Gospel videos are online for all to enjoy, worth the view. Here are some good reads. 

Prince: “Don’t die without knowing the cross.”

Denny Burk puts into words what I was feeling when I heard the news concerning Prince. “Over the years, I’ve often wondered what the introverted genius was really thinking. Prince’s music was a window, but it was a murky one. There was the dark stuff. A lot of it. But then there was also a song titled “The Cross” from 1987’s Sign O’ the Times:”

Strengthened by Affliction

The cross, too, provides a place of commonality for all Christians, a place to go to, a source of strength in both good and bad times. When we go through something hard we have the confidence that Christian trials are really a community effort under Christ.

The Trap of Tradition

The problem comes in when the traditions are built, not on gospel foundations or on liturgical /theoligcal Traditions, but on cultural milieu and are then held to as if they are gospel truth.

9 Marks of Healthy Biblical Complementarianism

So what does a health complementarianism look like? I certainly don’t have the last work on the subject. But here are nine important marks.

Is it Ever Legitimate to Complain to God or to Express Anger to God?

We have manifold references in Scripture to believers bitterly complaining and almost accusing God of unfairness or harshness. We sometimes look at these instances and think, “Well, if Moses can do it, if Job can do it, then it must be my prerogative as a Christian to voice my bitterness and complaints.”


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