The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Listen to the Little Guy Too
Here are some reasons we ought to seek out and listen well to (and perhaps even give large public platforms to) the guys who pastor small churches, especially if they’ve been doing it for a while.

How the Local Church Can Break the Culture of Death

Here is an excellent and challenging clip from Dr. Moore.

The Soft Prosperity Gospel

We would be naive to think that prosperity thinking is limited to those who cruise around in their expensive private jets or overtly speak in self-help platitudes fit for fortune cookies. No, prosperity thinking has gone viral today. Being more nuanced and subtle than you may think, prosperity thinking is very active in the church. And because it undermines our understanding and application of the gospel, its effect is cataclysmic. 

Religious Indoctrination and the Proselytizing Public School

Tennessee’s state legislature recently passed a bill that aims to prevent religious indoctrination in schools. And religious people were the primary supporters of the bill.

At heart, the issue was about Islam. Parents complained about the way Islam was portrayed in a seventh-grade social studies unit. Now that the state legislature has gotten involved, school boards across the state will begin revising the curriculum in matters related to religion.

9 Things You Should Know About Harriet Tubman

I really enjoy the “9 things” blogs Joe Carter writes. 

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