The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Inconvenient Truth About Evangelicals For Trump
“The only evangelicals voting for Trump are the ones who don’t go to church.”

That’s common knowledge among evangelical leaders trying to make sense of the 2016 Republican primary season.

But is it true?
Should You Try to Be the “Fun” Parent?

A must read for every parent.  “At the root here, though, is a temptation that every parent faces, though usually not to the extreme of dealing illicit drugs. We want our children to love us, and to like us, and many of us do this by asking what our children want and seeking to conform to that.”

Can Your Theology Handle the book of Lamentations?

Do you find yourself apologizing for God?

You may not articulate it in the words, “I’m sorry that my God is like this.” However, there is some indication that the sharp edges of the character of God are better ignored, diluted, or otherwise recast so as to make his actions more acceptable.

Ten Principles for Personal Productivity

Some great advice here. “Give 10% of your focus in life to avoiding obstacles to productivity and 90% of your focus to fastening on to great goals and pursuing them with all your might.”

The Faith That Doesn’t Work

Is faith totally passive? Is it true that people know intuitively whether their faith is real? Do all genuinely saved people have full assurance? Cannot someone be deceived into thinking he is a believer when in fact he is not? Can a person think he believes yet not truly believe? Is there no such thing as spurious faith?

Scripture plainly and repeatedly answers those questions. 

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