The Early Bird Gets The Link

Visual Theology

This is a great new resource, book review coming soon!

How Do You Think of Your Heavenly Father?

“How do you think of God the Father?…there are the complications. I see two main inhibitors for delight in the Father. There are more of course, but these are the most common that I’ve seen and experienced.”

Do We Participate in Our Own Salvation?

Bunyan teaches us that our great effort in fighting sin must be undertaken in the power of the Holy Spirit through the gospel. If our efforts are divorced from the work of the Spirit, they will prove futile — just like the ineffectual sweeping of the serving man in Bunyan’s tale.

Why The World’s Definition of Greatness is Wrong

Let’s say you’re in a classroom and it’s the beginning of class. The teacher asks, “If you desire to be great, please raise your hand.” Would you raise your hand? I’m sure you would. And I’d follow your lead. The problem is, though, many of us have the wrong definition of greatness because worldly influences have plagued our minds. So the real question becomes: What does it mean to be great?

Selfies and Polaroids of Intimacy

Creating digital media and art is a wonderful gift that has been digitally democratized so that we can all experience the thrill of creating beautiful images for others to enjoy, or in sharing advice to serve others.

But here’s the big lesson: iPhones buffer us from others, and selfies are nothing but a Polaroid of intimacy.

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