The Early Bird Gets The Link

Arrived in Louisville Kentucky late last night for Together For the Gospel (T4G), very excited to hear from the many speakers and be challenged in my walk. Here are some good reads, enjoy.

How Negativity Refines Us

But there is a more subtle, muted message that grows out of this kind of teaching. It’s a line of thinking that, surprisingly, has little to do with bank accounts or chintzy social media hashtags. The problem with this one particular message is that it sounds really good on the surface — and it even feels right. But when we dig deep into the true gospel, the “gospel of God” as it is often called, we will see that it misses entirely what we have been called to as saints of Christ Jesus. Here is their idea, summed up into one quotable phrase:

Cancel Your Trips to Sodom and Sinai

The highest level of fear is fear of God. By this I do not mean a healthy, reverent fear of God but a cowering, uncertain, insecure, paranoid fear of judgment. How do you deal with this? How can anyone deal with the reality of an angry God and a place like hell designed to showcase God’s wrath by eternally tormenting rebels?

From my seat there are three common ways to deal with this kind of fear.

Good Conferences are Great, The Church Is Essential

Here is a good reminder and some information on T4G.

Chili’s, Guacamole, and @JohnPiper

As the evening was coasting toward its conclusion, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Would you like to get some guacamole with John Piper after we’re done here?” Now, if there is any rule governing this Reformed resurgence, it’s that when John Piper asks you out for guacamole, you cannot refuse.


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