The Early Bird Gets The Link

18 Things to Pray for Your Church
Here is a helpful guide on how to pray for your church. 

The Christian Life Isn’t Meant to Be Effortless

“Note that to obey the command to “consider yourselves” requires intentionality and effort. It’s a faith-initiated, Christ-focused effort, to be sure, but it is human effort nonetheless. The Holy Spirit motivates and empowers you to do that, but He doesn’t do it for you.”

Wisely Handling the Book of Proverbs

“Still, we must be very careful in how we approach and implement these wise sayings. Simply because they are inspired does not mean that the biblical proverbs are like laws, imposing a universal obligation.”

Is Your Church a Safe Place for People with Same Sex Attraction

“If you want your church to be a safe place for those with same sex attraction (SSA), then step one is to realize that we already have church members who experience it. Just like those who are dealing with any other struggle, we should thank God for bringing them to our churches, and ask God to help us serve them well.”


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