The Early Bird Gets The Link

Read One Page A Day

I love to read! I also realize others struggle with reading for various reasons. Here is a challenge for non-readers.

Follow Up Is Important 

The church of 225 in attendance had a high attendance day of 360, with 75 guests attending that single day. How many of the 75
joined the church? Only two.

25 Quick Tips and Reminders to Help Your Prayer Life

A lifehack on prayer.

Your Meaningless Ministry

We all want to succeed. We all want our efforts to mean something in the end, to be worth it when all is said and done. But when death comes knocking, I would hate to find I received my entire reward here on earth.

The Gospel Brings A Debt

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1 that the gospel brings a debt. Does this strike you as odd?


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