The Early Bird Gets The Link

7 Rules For Online Engagement 

We all need to be reminded of the 6th rule. 

“The sixth rule is Calvin’s and states Seek to persuade, not antagonize, but watch your motives! “It is possible to seek to be winsome and persuasive out of a self-centeredness, rather than a God-centeredness. We may do it to be popular. On the other hand, it is just as possible to be bold and strongly polemical out of self-centeredness rather than God-centeredness. And therefore, looking very closely at our motives, we should be sure our polemics do not unnecessarily harden and antagonize our opponents.”

Cut Off Your Hand

“What are the things that are open doors, making it easy for you to trip, or even run, into sin? Is it a website, relationship, conversation, TV Show, etc.? What are those things in our lives, which if we were honest, only serve as a way to sow little, constant seeds of sin that will eventually grow?”

Do Not Put a Period Where J.I. Packer Puts An Exclamation Point

This short, sweet and powerful, even if it does come from a Patriot fan. 

“As I looked at this correction, I couldn’t stop looking at it. And then I began to weep. And I’ll tell you why.”

How Your Habits Show The Shape Of Your Heart

We all have habits, good ones and bad ones. What do your habits tell the world about your heart? 



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