The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are some great deals in the area of apologetics. Check them out!

7 Lies We have Heard Concerning Church

Maybe you have heard or believed one of these.

“The church was never about us being good people, earning God’s favor, or being entertained. It was and is about the power and presence of Jesus Christ stirring up his gathered, chosen people to be amazed by his covering grace, comforted by his immoveable love, and guided by his infinite wisdom, all in worshipful response to his completed work on the cross for our sake and his glory.”

3 Ways The Gospel Changes Marriage

A Gospel worldview in life will change everything, because we are conforming to the image of Christ. Here are 3 ways the Gospel changes marriage. 

Georgia Governor Invokes the Bible Against Christian Conscience

“The claim that we must violate our conscience because Jesus would not want us to “discriminate against anybody” is incoherent and unbiblical. But it’s Gov. Deal’s direct threat to the religious liberty of Christians that is most offensive.”

Taking The 9th Commandment Seriously

Short and to the point, but it packs a punch.



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