The Early Bird Gets The Link

Recognizing Foolish Leaders 

“How do we know if a potential leader is foolish? The principle is in this statement that Jesus made: “every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit” (Matthew 7:17). We must examine the fruit. And the Bible is quite clear on what the diseased fruit of foolishness looks like:”

Too Sexy For This Selfie 

Very interesting article, may have to get the book.

“Studies estimate American teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day using screens. That’s two hours more than they spend sleeping. Many of these hours are devoted to social media, which some teens admit to checking at least 100 times a day.”

How Not to Teach Your Kids the Bible

“Essentially, I was teaching them there is little difference between the power of the gospel and the power of Grayskull. I needed to make changes. My children needed to learn to read and understand the Bible on its own terms.”

Donald Trump’s Surprising Success with Southern Evangelicals

I continue to be baffled by the support Trump receives, especially from people who describe themselves as Evangelical. 


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